05-20-2012 – Loose Cattle – Bridge Street (between Willoughby St. & Fulton Mall)

Loose Cattle

In between “serious” band shots for Loose Cattle, we had some fun… (Okay, none of the shots were super-serious!)

Loose Cattle are (left to right): Eddy Zweibeck, Gabriel Caplan, Michael Cerveris, Kimberly Kaye, and Lorenzo Wolff. I’ve known Eddy & Michael for years and had a great time meeting the others. After the shoot, we all went to hear some music at the Brooklyn Folk Festival. I will post more photos from the day on Flickr soon.

The name “Loose Cattle” brings up a specific memory from childhood. After my parents got divorced, my dad lived in all sorts of different places – a converted church, an old schoolhouse, and even a farm. One day I was at the farm daydreaming on a swing set. I don’t know how much time went by, but all of a sudden, I noticed that cows were surrounding me! (Maybe it was only one or two, but my memory is more dramatic than that.) The cattle had indeed gotten loose. It kinda freaked me out. I was only little. Ish.

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