05-07-2012 – Dekalb Market – 138 Willoughby Street (at Flatbush Ave,)

Dekalb Market

Today I headed out the door with the intention of going to DUMBO in search for a Daily Brooklyn photo. As I was walking down Flatbush Avenue, it began to rain a little bit. I had no umbrella and knew that my options for public transportation would be less convenient if I continued on.

I happened to be right next to the Dekalb Market, which I’ve walked by since moving back to Brooklyn, but hadn’t been to. It’s this great little spot where a bunch shipping containers have been salvaged and turned into “eateries and work-sell spaces”. I wandered through to see what could be seen. Not all of the places were open, but I happened upon a spot called Nextdoororganics.

Nextdoororganics. is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. You can sign up to get a bag of fresh local produce every week for $20. OR you can do what I did and have them whip a little something up from some of those items! For $7, I got a sandwich with steamed shiitake mushrooms, dandelion greens, lettuce mix and cheese sauce. “Cheese sauce” sounds heavy, but it wasn’t at all…just a nice light sauce that brought the ingredients together. I also had a “flavor of the moment!” soda (as you can see in the photo), which she made fresh – juiced herbs/greens with seltzer made on the spot and served in a ball jar.. It was all very delicious!

So I ate and headed back home. I’ll go to DUMBO another day!


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