From the archives – Lincoln Place (Park Slope) – 2006

"Just take one" - Lincoln Place 6/8/06

I am currently in South Africa. While away, I’ve arranged for Brooklyn photos from my archives to be published daily. Most will be from Park Slope, which I’ve been photographing regularly since 2006.

Here is what I wrote when I first published this photo in 2006:

This woman was sitting on a stoop resting as I was walking by. I considered asking her if I could take a photo, but didn’t have to. She stopped me and and asked about my camera. I asked if she’d like me to take her photo. She asked if she could have a copy. I told her I didn’t have a way of giving her a copy, but that I could show it to her on the camera. She nodded and this was her pose.

This was my second photo. Before I took it, I said “I’m going to take two”. She responded “No, just take one”. I said “okay” and took the second one, which was so much better.

She stood up and I let her hold my camera to get a good look at the picture. She walked with the camera to a car window and compared her reflection to the photo on the screen. She touched her face. I told her I thought it was a beautiful picture. She commented on something on her face that she didn’t like, but added “we all have our flaws”. I told her that’s what makes us interesting.

She gave me my camera back and began walking down the street. As an after-thought, she turned to me and said “got any money?” I didn’t. She shrugged and kept walking.


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