03-24-2012 – 3rd Street & 3rd Avenue


This building is going to be demolished. Soon there will be a 56,000 square foot Whole Foods on this corner.


2 thoughts on “03-24-2012 – 3rd Street & 3rd Avenue

  1. A couple of blocks away from me, there has been an empty lot with banners covering its perimeter saying, “Whole Foods Coming Soon.” That has been here since at least 2010 probably since 2008. All in all, I am glad it didn’t come. Having Whole Paycheck in the neighborhood would just attract the wrong kind of development and the mom and pop shops would eventually get replaced by corporate franchises.

  2. In my neck of the woods, it’s Walmarts that are popping up everywhere… No buildings being destroyed, just beautiful desert landscapes being ruined. Same difference.

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